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Which are growing faster – Global Problems or Creative Discoveries?
Around the world, researchers, entrepreneurs, and businesses are searching for new approaches to the growing global challenges in areas such as energy, health, food production, and security. We are experiencing a literal explosion of creative ideas as evidenced by the nearly 2 million peer-reviewed journal articles published each year.

What happens to this massive intellectual output of the human race?
While some innovations are quickly utilized by industry, a very large fraction of them – perhaps most of this intellectual human treasure – is simply filed away in libraries and discussed within small communities of specialists. Very few discoveries are able to move from conceptual demonstration to real-world applications.

Bridging the divide
Pasted Graphic 1Holophi identifies key scientific discoveries that can be further developed to provide solutions to important global problems. We bring together in-house innovations with those of university and other research teams worldwide to develop real-world products.