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In Nature, Nothing is Wasted.
Natural systems reconstitute themselves continuously. In the 21st century, we must take this lesson to heart to design technologies that operate systemically. The old approach of exploiting limited resources while accumulating wastes and toxins is obsolete and creates more social and environmental problems than it solves.

Holophi CH AG searches for and develops new-concept technologies that address global systemic challenges. Our approach is twofold:
We pursue new technologies for better energy utilization and efficiency on one hand, and on the other we seek to identify and mitigate toxins and pollutants that are affecting human and environmental health.

For example, use of natural gas is on the rise but nearly 10% of the supply is lost between extraction and consumption. This fraction represents not only an enormous loss of energy, but also releases methane into the atmosphere that has dozens of times more greenhouse potential than carbon dioxide. Our MLight Technology summarised below provides an example of how society can gain more by wasting less.

Carbon Emissions? Energy Shortages?
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Countries worldwide are increasing their usage of Methane (natural gas) as low-cost oil supplies dwindle.
But at what cost?

• Methane is a stable molecule that is difficult to burn completely
• Concentrations of methane below 4% are not flammable
• Methane traps greenhouse heat 20-100 times more than CO
2 !
• Stringent new regulations in Europe and worldwide limit methane releases
• Up to 9% of methane is lost in production and use – an untapped source of energy
• No current technology exists to efficiently mitigate fugitive methane emissions

MLight – A Unique, Breakthrough Technology.
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• Provides near 100% conversion and energy release from low concentration methane and operates at temperatures found in normal exhaust streams
R&D success enables application to practical surfaces for vehicle and industrial catalytic convertors
• Large-scale prototype successfully operating at an Italian Biogas facility

An Enormous Global Market.
• Vehicle Catalytic Convertors – New European standards limit methane emissions
• MLight is the only technology available to cost-effectively meet this requirement
• Coal mine ventilation air is
1% methane that is available for energy capture
• Biogas combustion and energy utilization without pre-concentration
• Industrial waste gas mitigation to meet new environmental regulations
• Utilization of low-concentration methane from geological sources, production leaks, flaring residual, and other sources