Advanced Nutritional Supplement Formulation

Throughout most of human history, civilizations around the world have used plant-based substances to treat diseases and improve stamina and overall health. Many of these substances now form the basis of modern drugs and medicine, while others are used around the world as over-the-counter health supplements. Scientific and medical research is now revealing the molecular and genetic mechanisms through which these substances function at the cellular and whole-organism levels. One important area of research addresses the bioavailability of natural substances – that is, how well or poorly various substances are absorbed and utilized by the body.

Many substances, such as certain plant polyphenols and flavonoids, are now known to exert positive effects on the body. However, some compounds in these classes are poorly absorbed and/or quickly metabolized and eliminated from the body. This issue represents a major challenge to supplement manufacturers and consumers. Why should consumers pay for supplements that are poorly utilized by the body?

 Holophi CH AG draws upon our research expertise to address this important issue with a focus on improving the absorbability and bioavailability of common plant compounds and extracts. Our scientific team is currently developing a number of new supplement formulations that dramatically improve absorption of plant polyphenols, flavonoids and other important compounds. Now in the prototyping and testing phase, we expect to release these formulations through partner organizations in the coming months.

Interested supplement manufacturers searching for new products and seeking to improve current formulations are invited to contact us for further information.