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While technology continues to advance dramatically in most transportation sectors, helicopter drive trains rely on decades-old, outdated designs. Our new electric hybrid drive offers a major step forward and will define the next generation of helicopter design. These innovations are protected by three patents and five provisional patents, and their feasibility is already proven in documented demonstration flights.

Leveraging on the record of world’s first manned electric helicopter flight resulting from 12 years of R&D as well as several granted patents,
we bring to the investor a unique opportunity to produce the next generation of advanced hybrid propulsion systems applied to aircrafts.
This highly scalable, ground-breaking technology that can be integrated into fix wing and rotary wing aircrafts enables unique mission profiles such as:

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EMD3™ (ElectroMagnetic Distributed Direct Drive) A safe hybrid solution for helicopters
Drastic safety improvement by removing conventional single points of failure that have been proven to be an ongoing weakness of conventional helicopters and a known cause of fatalities as reflected by several safety survey results.             
Our patented, distributed, fault tolerant electromagnetic transmission bring unprecedented safety improvement, offering the advantage of upgrading twin-turbine machines by cheaper, more profitable, hybrid systems.

Our proposed three-round development plan will result in a lucrative operation revolving around the production of turnkey propulsion systems effectively addressing the UAV market as well as manned aircrafts and will position the investor at the forefront of this rapidly expanding market. Leveraging on 3 granted and 5 provisional patents, our goals are:

  1. Revolutionize conventional aircraft propulsion by introducing a new breed of high performance hybrid transmissions.
  2. Address the Drone and light to medium size aircraft markets. 
  3. Develop significantly more dependable propulsion and transmission systems for fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts.
  4. Produce electric tail rotor systems, which are in high demand.

Growing Demand in Global Markets to support
* Commuter Aircraft users requiring improved safety and low-noise operation
* Defense Organizations
* Environmental Protection Agencies
* Immigration Control
* Police Forces